Contact Profiles

Contact Profiles are the one central place where you can find out everything about any individual contact, for tracking, prioritizing (scoring) & responding to each lead.

Think of Contact Profiles as the Command Center for individual contacts.

What is a Contact Profile?

New interactions with your social media automatically create a new Contact Profile inside LeadKlozer.

Contact Profiles can be reached by clicking on any blue-linked personal name in any location throughout LeadKlozer. Every profile has two sides as you can see below.

  • The left side of the contact profile shows information about the contact:
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Type (example Prospect, Customer, Partner)
    • Contact/ Lead Status
    • 1:1 Conversations
    • (Your) Last Activity Date
    • Contact’s Last Activity Date
    • Upcoming Schedules
    • Action Button (schedules, connected leads, merge duplicate, delete contact)
    • Contact Details (phone numbers, emails, websites, address, etc.)
    • Tags
    • Stages
    • Product Tags
    • Notes (write down anything you want to remember and a note will be created and time stamped so you never forget critical details within the relationship)
    • In the top blue bar are buttons to:
      • CHECK DUPLICATES. This is an automated button that appears when there is a similar Contact Profile that needs to be reviewed and/ or merged to the current one.
      • ADD in new schedules or additional activities like phone calls, texts, in-person meetings, etc) that will show up in the Activity Feed

What is the Activity Feed?

The right side of the Contact Profile shows information about all the contact’s engagements with your social media in a full ACTIVITY FEED (where we track, score and organize all the contact’s engagements with you over time).

  • The feed works just like Live Tracker.
  • Click on any line item to open a pop-up where you can reply or interact in any way allowed by Facebook.
  • Activity Feed line items show:
    • The type of activity and who initiated it.
    • The LeadKlozer chat icon on the far right when that line item represents a one-on-one communication capability.

Contact Profiles Demo Video

Contact Profiles Demo Video GOES HERE

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