What you say during the followup process is a huge factor in determining whether you close your leads or not.

At LeadKlozer, we believe that your lead nurturing conversations and answers to frequently asked questions should be well-thought-through in advance and easily accessible so that they can be retrieved and used within seconds.

The Scripts function is built to promote efficiency in the fast-paced environment of following up on large quantities of leads in the smallest amount of time available.

What are Scripts?

Scripts are templates for replies, introductions, explanations, emails, texts, social messages or anything else in written form that can help you during the lead followup and closing process.

Scripts can also be used throughout the relationships with clients, for up-sells, cross-sells, announcements, Q&A, etc.

Scripts can even be used for partners in your business, influencers, affiliates and more.

How are Scripts handled uniquely inside LeadKlozer?

Because there are so many reasons that scripts should be created and used, we made sure that you can organize them to find what you need fast.

There are four ways that Scripts are organized within LeadKlozer:

  1. Names
    • You can search by name to find your Scripts
  2. Contact Types
    • You can click on the Contact Type column to sort all Scripts according to the three Contact Types within LeadKlozer
  3. Stages
    • Each Script is not only assigned to a Contact Type, but also a Stage within each Contact Type
      • For example, a Stage could be organized by LEAD (Contact Type) and Free Trial (Stage). This would quickly let you know that it is a Script used for Leads that have entered the Free Trial Stage.
  4. Stage Priorities
    • Each Stage is given a priority rating of 1-10 so that Smart Score points can be impacted by new Stages being assigned to a Contact.
    • Scripts can also be organized by priority as well.
      • Simply click on top of the column to sort Scripts by priority.
      • This allows you to see all the available Scripts for your most important Stages.

What is the best way to create and use Scripts?

Make sure that you have Scripts created in advance for your most important lead nurturing scenarios that occur frequently during your followup process.

Scripts save you time and ensure that you have the best answers at your fingertips (create once and use them over and over again).

Scripts demo video

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