Want to log into your main LeadKlozer account, but toggle seamlessly between your various clients’ LeadKlozer accounts, or assign sub-account admins or users? We’ve got you covered.


Access all your various clients’ account information in one tab.

What Are Sub-Accounts?

Sub-Accounts are primarily used by digital agencies and consultants to organize their clients’ LeadKlozer accounts within their main agency account. This allows the owner of the main account (super-admin) to:

  • Add sub-accounts
  • Add admins or users to their sub-accounts
  • Allow their sub-account admins to manage the sub-accounts they’ve been added to
    • Manage the Facebook pages attached to that sub-account
    • Manage users attached to that sub-account

Admin vs. User Permissions

  • The permissions you see above are all available to add or remove from any admin added to any sub-account.
  • Users have no permissions to make any changes
  • Both admins and users when interacting with Facebook pages through a sub-account will be seen on Facebook interacting as the Facebook page itself.

Sub-Account FAQs

Each sub-account comes with 1 admin and 2 user roles by default.

  • QUESTION 1: What if I’d like to arrange the users differently across my sub-accounts?
    • ANSWER: Please message us and we can re-arrange users across sub-accounts as you wish.

Permission to create sub-accounts is granted solely to the owner of the main account that has super-admin access across all the sub-accounts.

  • QUESTION 2: If I as an owner of my LeadKlozer account assign an admin to a sub-account and let that person onboard pages they have permissions for via Facebook, will I be able to see activity and ads from those pages when logged into that sub-account?
    • ANSWER: Yes. Any page that is added, its activities and ads, can all be seen by any other role that is associated with the main super-admin account. What can or can’t be seen by all roles within a sub-account is determined by the Facebook permissions of the individual who onboarded the particular Facebook pages.

Sub-Accounts Demo Video