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New Feature Releases


  • Missed Comment Tracker
  • Sub-Accounts
    • Toggle in and out of separate client accounts from your main LeadKlozer account. Add admins, users, and a unique list of Facebook pages for each sub-account
  • Faster Access To All Information
    • We’ve worked very hard to optimize the loading of dashboards, columns and lists to make the overall experience for the LeadKlozer user faster


  • Smart Scripts
    • Clicking on any Smart Script icon located adjacent to any field for responding to different engagements will pop open a Smart Scripts menu where you can copy and paste any of your existing scripts right from where you are engaging with a lead.
  • Live Tracker Columns
    • We’ve added new filters for creating real-time engagement columns that allow you to see:
      • Your Top 10% leads (Top 10% based on overall Smart Scores)
      • Columns of individually selected posts or ads
        • This is important if you want to see a column of engagements for say the two Facebook ads you currently have running.
  • Smart Search
    • We’ve added the ability to create lists based on individually selected posts or ads.
      • This is important if you want to see a list that might include all leads that have commented on the two Facebook ads you have running right now.
  • Smart Facebook Inboxes
    • We gave the ability to add images and videos to messages
    • We added more context around the profile image so you can know better who you are engaging with
    • We’ve identified who left the last comment in the left-hand column showing the profile image and name of the contact relating to that message thread.
  • Importing Contacts From A CSV
    • We’ve added the ability for people to import custom columns of information