Missed Comment Tracker

The Missed Comment Tracker allows you to see and reply to all comments across your Facebook page posts and ads that need a response (#1 Missed Lead Opportunity), all from one place.



What is the Missed Comment Tracker?

The Missed Comment Tracker solves the problem of not knowing which posts or ads have received the most engagement for your business with a focus on recent engagements…especially your OPEN COMMENTS.

OPEN COMMENTS are defined as any comment/reply that has not yet received a reply from the Admin or Editor of the Facebook page.

After talking with top social media marketing influencers, digital agencies, and social entrepreneurs, we found that missed comments are the #1 missed lead opportunity on Facebook…UNTIL NOW!

The Missed Comment Tracker saves you tons of time as you no longer need to scroll up and down your Facebook page posts or try to navigate comments on your ads to see if any new comments have been left made.

Simply click on the blue linked number for each post or ad in the MISSED COMMENTS column to pop open that post or ad and start replying.

  • The pop-up will display all OPEN COMMENTS first so they are easy to find. Simply click on the overall COMMENTS link (see the top arrow in the image below) and all open and closed comments will be displayed.
  • Reply to any OPEN COMMENT and it will automatically be turned to a CLOSED status. The number in the OPEN COMMENTS column of the Missed Comment Tracker will also be reduced by one.
  • Click on any green OPEN icon and you can manually close the comment. You can reverse this by clicking on the red, MANUALLY CLOSED icon to re-open the comment.
  • Click on the “MISSED COMMENTS: On/Off” toggle (second arrow from the top in the image below) and all comments will automatically be closed. Warning, once you manually close all comments, they cannot be re-opened.

Additional Information

  • As you reply, LeadKlozer provides IMPORTANT LEAD CONTEXT that you can see at a glance so that you are much more informed about the importance of any lead as you engage with them.
  • Click on the “Ads Only” selection at the top-left of the Missed Comment Tracker to see only the ads from the Facebook pages attached to your LeadKlozer account.
  • Click the green button in the top-right corner to sort and change the display options for the date range being displayed in the Missed Comment Tracker.
  • The Missed Comment Tracker displays posts and ads in order based on the date they were published.
  • The RECENT ENGAGEMENTS column shows all reactions and comments from the date range selected. The TOTAL ENGAGEMENTS column shows all engagements ever received on that post or ad.
  • Use the engagement columns to see what posts and ads performed the best (most engaged) to inform your future post and ad creation process.

Missed Comment Tracker With Open Comments Demo Video


  • 00:00 to 02:30 – The Missed Comment Tracker
  • 2:30 to 4:18 – Sales Enhancing Lead Context
  • 4:18 to 7:05 – Live Track Columns (Real-Time Comment Columns)

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