Facebook Lead Ads


Facebook Lead Ads are great for creating new prospects, but what about the other 50% of the job… following up and actually closing the sale? In comes LeadKlozer!


LeadKlozer’s Six Added Benefits To Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads are a great way to attract new leads and collect their contact information.

With just a few taps on your ad, a new form is automatically created by Facebook with the lead’s contact information AND saved as a new Smart Profile into your LeadKlozer account.

However, it’s currently very hard to access the Lead Ads forms in a timely manner inside Facebook since you have to manually download a spreadsheet from your page every time you want to see a new lead’s information.

LeadKlozer makes it super simple to view and manage the leads that come in from your Facebook Lead Ads in the following ways:

  • BENEFIT #1: LeadKlozer allows you to see all your new leads and their contact information in real-time through Live Tracker (reference the image above).
  • BENEFIT #2: LeadKlozer instantly creates a Smart Profile for each of your new leads.
    • Lead form information gathered is automatically saved inside this new Smart Profile as shown in the example below.
  • BENEFIT #3: If the contact information gathered within the Lead Ads form allows you to communicate directly with the new lead, they are automatically designated inside LeadKlozer as having the ability to communicate one-on-one.
  • BENEFIT #4: You can also add many more details to any new lead within their Smart Profile, such as Notes, Smart Tags, Stages, or Products to stay on top of your follow-up process from here on out.
  • BENEFIT #5: Create Smart Searches for Facebook Lead Ad prospects based on all the available search options, for example:
    • See all leads ad prospects in one list
    • Search and filter your leads by when the lead form came in (date ranges)
    • As you start adding things like Smart Tags and Stages or updating the Contact Status for new leads, you can then filter the Smart Searches even further and get more specific with your follow up strategies.
    • See leads that came in from your Facebook lead ad AND have had another interaction with you over a certain period of time (maybe a phone call, email exchange, text, in-person meeting, etc.).
    • Or any combination of many more options.
  • BENEFIT #6: Smart Schedules can also be created to make sure that you don’t miss any follow-up opportunities with all the leads coming in from your Lead Ads.


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