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Importing Facebook Friends

You can easily import your entire list of Facebook Friends into LeadKlozer in only a few minutes, automatically creating Smart Profiles for everyone.

Your Facebook friends are likely some of your most engaged leads from following your posts about you and your business.

Importing your Facebook friends into LeadKlozer ignites the process of tracking, organizing, and prioritizing your follow-ups, ultimately enabling you to close more sales.

Once you import and start working with your Facebook friends, LeadKlozer will give you easy access to their individual engagement history, lead priority (Smart Score), background information, and follow-up schedules.

How to import your Facebook friends list into LeadKlozer

    1. Log into your Facebook account and then CLICK HERE to get to Your Facebook Information settings. Look for Download Your Information, and then click View.

2. On the next page, click Deselect All, select Friends, change the format to JSON, then Create File.


3. Wait a few minutes for the file to generate. Facebook will send you a notification when it’s ready. Click on the notification when it comes through, and then you’ll be able to download your entire friends’ list onto your computer.

4. Go into your downloads folder, locate the Facebook zip file, and unzip or extract it to a location you can easily find on your PC.

5. CLICK HERE to return to LeadKlozer, click Choose File and select the friends.json file from what you extracted in the previous step, then click Submit to begin importing your friends list.

NOTE: These will all automatically get tagged as “Facebook Friends” once the import is complete.

6. To import any new friends after this, all you need to do is choose a custom date range in step 1, then continue with the rest of the steps as demonstrated above.

Import Facebook Friends Demo Video

Please watch the video below to see the entire process for how you can easily download your entire friend’s list from Facebook and import it into LeadKlozer in just a few simple steps.

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