Contact Status


Contact Status is a designation that classifies contacts/leads based on their level of importance (higher or lower) to your business.

Introducing Contact Status

Updating a contact’s status is the easiest way to take your first-hand knowledge of lead conversations, the content of emails, chatbot messages, intonation, body language and every other indication of a lead’s interest and update the priority of a lead with a single click.

You can easily see a contact’s status as the colored dot in the lower right corner of the contact’s profile image.

Hover on the Contact Status dot no matter where you see it throughout LeadKlozer in order to choose a new status designation from a drop-down menu. It’s that simple!

CLICK HERE to see how any update to a contact’s status will impact their Smart Score.

What are the available Contact Status designations?

TOP 10%

  • The Top 10% Contact Status designation simply means that the TOTAL Smart Score points for that particular contact are rated within the top ten percent of ALL contact Smart Scores combined.
  • You cannot manually assign a contact as Top 10%, it is automatically done by the LeadKlozer ranking system.
  • One of the most popular uses for this Contact Type is to include it within your Smart Search to find contacts that are in the top percentage of all contact engagements… among other search options.

HOT (Red Dot)

  • Picture this, you have a social media conversation with a prospective customer that leads to a private phone call and a request for pricing information! After you pat yourself on the back for doing such a great job, you probably want to change that person’s Contact Status to HOT or WARM so you can easily know at a glance how great your interaction went for future reference.

WARM (Orange Dot)

  • The orange WARM dot is just one level below HOT, but a level above NEUTRAL

NEUTRAL (Green Dot)

  • All contacts are neutral by default unless:
    • They have been manually changed
    • The contact has only engaged with you for the first time (see NEW below)

NEW (Blue Dot)

  • If a contact is engaging for the first time, they are automatically given a blue dot signifying them as a brand new contact.
  • Once the contact engages for a second time, the Contact Status is automatically changed to the NEUTRAL (green) dot and will stay that way unless manually changed.
  • Both the NEW and NEUTRAL designations are automatically assigned by LeadKlozer on your behalf. The HOT or WARM status will have to be decided by you, based on your first-hand knowledge of that particular lead’s level of interest in your brand.

COLD (Grey Dot)

  • Let’s say that your mom constantly engages with your business’s social media account (just trying to be supportive of her child). Well, mom is probably not a great prospect for your business. So how do you take mom out of your lead lists? Change her Contact Status to COLD. Now you can simply filter out any contact with a COLD status from any of your Smart Searches.

How to use the Contact Status for better follow-up and conversions

Contact Status is an important search criterion within Smart Search that makes it possible for search results to only show your HOT, WARM or NEW contacts etc., depending on your needs at the time.

Smart Search examples:

  • All NEW leads that have engaged with my Facebook page within the last 14 days.
  • HOT and WARM leads that have achieved a certain stage, like signing up for a free trial.
  • HOT and WARM leads that I’ve had a phone call with in the last 30 days.
  • NEUTRAL leads that have commented on my Facebook ads over the last week.

The list of examples could go on and on.

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