How Contact Status Impacts Smart Scores

Contact Status is the fastest way to identify and designate certain contacts as a higher (or lower) priority for your business.

Contact Status Adds Or Decreases Smart Score Points

Contact Status (hot, warm, new, neutral and cold) can be updated for any contact at any time with a simple click on the colored dot that denotes their status.

With each Contact Status update, Smart Score points are updated as well.

  • Upgrading the Contact Status to warm or hot increases Smart Score point totals for that contact.
    • An upgrade to HOT will increase Smart Score points to a greater degree than an upgrade to WARM
  • Downgrading the Contact Status from hot, warm, new or neutral to cold decreases Smart Score point totals for that contact.
    • Any downgrade will impact Smart Score point totals.
    • The greater the downgrade, the greater the reduction in Smart Score points for the contact.

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