How Stages Make Smart Scores Smarter

Every time a contact is assigned a new Stage in your custom follow-up and closing process, LeadKlozer uses that information to make Smart Scores even smarter. 

Do The Work Once, Impact Smart Scores Forever!

You only need to create STAGES for your business once and perhaps update them every now and then.

Let us know how important each Stage is to your business (on a scale of 1-10) at the time that you create it and we’ll constantly use those rankings on your behalf to rate every contact through Smart Scores and prioritize every list of contacts you see within LeadKlozer.

LeadKlozer takes your one-time Stage rankings and uses them to bolster our internal algorithm for determining a contact’s Smart Scores based on:

  • The knowledge that a Stage has been accomplished by a contact
  • How important that Stage is in the process of converting a new lead into a customer, or a current customer into a repeat buyer for your business.

This gives you increasingly better results when rating and prioritizing all the contacts we’ve created for you within LeadKlozer.

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