Smart Score

Get your leads automatically organized and prioritized in realtime to help you make your best lead follow-up decisions within seconds!

Introducing Smart Score

Smart Score is an automatic lead prioritization system for your contacts based on LeadKlozer’s internal algorithm.

It accumulates points from interactions automatically entered into LeadKlozer from your Facebook page(s) posts, chatbots, page inbox and ads…combined with other actions such as the Stages leads have progressed through, plus interactions you manually enter and record (e.g. from phone calls, emails, physical meetings, other social networks, etc).

No two leads are the same!

With Smart Score, each lead is automatically ranked in order of priority based on all their interactions and actions combined. Smart Score instantly allows you to see who your most important leads are, and where you should be spending your valuable time.

Your most important leads are your most recently engaged leads who are frequently taking action to interact with you and your brand. That’s Smart Score in a nutshell.

  • While using LeadKlozer, there is a variety of ways to search and sort leads into follow-up lists.
    • All contact lists show the highest ranking leads at the top, in order of their automatically generated Smart Score.
  • Other factors will also affect their Smart Scores, such as how recently the engagement took place, whether you or your lead initiated the engagement, or their LEAD STATUS (hot, warm, new, neutral or cold).

Video Examples Of Smart Score In Action

Below are two short videos showing how lists inside Today’s Connections and Smart Searches are ranked in order of priority according to their Smart Score.

The more you use LeadKlozer, the smarter the recommendations become.

Smart Score allows you to be more efficient with your time based on automatically generated lead rankings; thus enabling you to set better priorities for following up with and closing more leads!



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