Super Fan Leads


In just one click of a button, you can see a list of all your top-rated, most engaged, trusting, loyal, ready-to-recommend, ready-to-buy leads at a glance.

Watch the Super Fan Marketing Case Study that reduced Facebook ad costs by over 30% overnight.

The most engaged leads are your most important leads

Tracking Lurkers!

While leads are checking out your posts, ads, Facebook lives, events, etc. they are also leaving their digital footprints in their reactions, comments, replies, inbox messages and chatbot interactions.

But unless we can track these footprints for every individual lead and then have a dashboard where the most engaged LURKERS rise automatically to the top…you will never see them.

No worries, as LeadKlozer does just this with our SUPER FAN dashboard, designed specifically to track LURKERS.

Who are SUPER FAN Leads?

The Super Fan Leads (SFL) list shows an easily scannable, bird’s-eye view of your top priority leads for fast, high-quality decision making.

It is meant to be an area that you check as soon as you log into LeadKlozer, along with any schedules that you’ve previously set for that day.

If you don’t have a good idea of who your highest priority leads are off the top of your head, click on the SFL (Super Fan Leads ) button in the SMART LINKS area of the main dashboard in LeadKlozer.

This will bring up a Smart Search list of your highest rated leads that we’ve automatically created for you, ranked in order of priority by Smart Score.

What can you see, update or save for later in the Super Fan Leads list?

Each recommended lead is presented to you in rows that you can quickly scan to see all the important information at once. Information like:

Daily Action Steps: Super Fan Outreach Checklist

  • Block Off Daily Super Fan Outreach Time (half-hour for all outreach efforts)
  • Create 4-5 Super Fan Scripts (Huge Time Saver)
  • Reply To 10 Super Fans Daily
  • Set Smart Schedules After Each Outreach
  • Set Tags For Future Smart Searches (example SFLO – Super Fan Leads Outreach)
  • Review the SFLO Smart Search List Weekly
  • Repeat & Perfect
  • Turn Over Responsibility

Super Fan Leads Demo Video

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