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“Setting goals is the first step for turning the invisible into the visible.” – Tony Robbins.

What are LeadKlozer’s Daily Goals?

LeadKlozer’s Today’s Goal section is an automated way for you to track and review your follow-up performance

It is segmented into customizable Contact Types (i.e. Prospects versus Customers, or Partners). This will ensure that you’re focusing on and ultimately growing all facets of your business, through lead generation, customer retention, and business growth strategies.

Please Note: There are infinitely more ways that you can organize your contacts AND then search for lists of contacts beyond these three contact types by applying Smart Tags, Stages, and Products for starters.

Every time you reach out and interact with a new contact on a given day through your Facebook page’s posts, ads, messages and chatbots (within LeadKlozer or on Facebook), we will automatically add another tally towards accomplishing your Daily Goals.

We’ll also increase your Daily Goal totals when you Add Activity manually (i.e. phone calls, in-person meetings, emails, etc.)

The top-left of the main dashboard in your LeadKlozer account is where you’ll track and celebrate the accomplishment of your Daily Goals.

Click the edit icon in the blue bar to set/ update your Daily Goals and Contact Types.

IMPORTANT: Only interactions with contacts that YOU ENGAGE will be counted towards the attainment of your Daily Goals, not vice versa.

  • Example #1: You reply to a comment from one of your prospects on your Facebook business page. This interaction of yours will automatically:
    • Create the reply on Facebook
    • Add the reply to Live Tracker
    • Add the reply to the prospect’s Smart Profile
    • Make the reply discoverable within relevant Smart Searches
    • Add a new tally to the attainment of your Daily Goals for your PROSPECTS.
  • Example #2: You add a phone call activity with AN EXISTING CUSTOMER into LeadKlozer. This interaction of yours will automatically:
    • Enter that phone call into Live Tracker
    • Add the phone call to the customer’s Smart Profile
    • Make the call discoverable within relevant Smart Searches
    • Add a new tally to the attainment of your Daily Goals for CUSTOMERS.

Conversely, if a person comments on any of your Facebook page content but you choose not to respond (maybe it was a natural end to the conversation), that activity will not be counted as part of your Daily Goals because you did not engage on your end.

How to customize your Daily Goals section

Clicking on the edit icon in the upper-right corner of the Daily Goals box will trigger a pop-up that allows you to edit:

  • Your Daily Goals for the number of interactions by Contact Type.
  • The customizable Contact Type names that you prefer to use with your business. The following are our recommendations for names:
    • Prospect or Lead
    • Customer or Client
    • Partner or Team

Choose the names that are used most often within your business and represent the target groups that you want to use in tracking your Daily Goals.

The Top 5 Today’s Goal Tips?

  1. SET YOUR SIGHTS REALISTICALLY HIGH: Make sure to set your daily goals so that it feels like a bit of a stretch. No one ever grew a big business by attempting that which was easily achievable!
  2. LINK GOALS WITH ACTIONS: Tie your goals to your scheduled follow-ups at the start of each day.
    • Dedicate the proper amount of time to completing your follow-up schedules.
    • Never forget to schedule a follow-up after an interaction with a lead.
  3. PRIORITIZE YOUR GOAL ACHIEVEMENT ACTIONS: Scan your  Super Engager Leads to make sure that you’re focusing on the leads that have the highest Smart Scores and appropriate Contact Status. These are your top priorities for the day.
  4. GIVE YOURSELF A DEADLINE: Set that deadline for accomplishing your goals and commit to it.
    • There is a reason why we chose the name “Daily Goals.” This is a daily activity. You can decide if you want to do this 5 days a week or more, but commit and stick with it. Make sure not to procrastinate or second-guess your commitment as this will only derail your progress.
  5. FIND ACCOUNTABILITY: Make sure you have a person you trust that will not only call you out if you don’t hit your daily goals, but will also ask you why you didn’t and help you figure out a way forward.
    • This can be accomplished with a simple text message of sharing and feedback with your accountability partner each day.
    • It doesn’t have to be a large time commitment for either of you.
    • Share this bullet point #5 with them to set expectations of what role you want them to play as your accountability partner.

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” – Zig Ziglar

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