Live Tracker

Live Tracker shows you real-time information and insights regarding your social media engagements all in one place, to help you make the best lead nurturing and closing decisions. 

Never miss another lead opportunity again!

What is Live Tracker?

Live Tracker is a realtime feed for your social media engagements, whether that be comments, replies, likes, messages, chatbots or lead forms coming through from your social posts and ads.

Think of Live Tracker as an aggregated inbox for all your social media interactions.

Live Tracker automatically saves and prioritizes social media engagements from Facebook pages. Click through to see…

What can you do with Live Tracker?

  • SORT Live Tracker to see your own customized sets of engagement
    • Example: Sort for certain Facebook pages, certain types of engagement, your highest priority leads, only interactions from your ads, all lead forms and so much more.
  • CREATE and save columns of your custom Live Tracker segments for future reference.
  • SET notifications to get custom alerts based on your segments (coming soon)
  • SEE important contact information (as below) for quick decision making at a glance.
    • Lead Priorities (Smart Score).
    • Lead Status (hot, warm, new, neutral, cold).
    • Lead Communication Options (one-on-one communication options by contact).
  • REPLY by popping open any line item to see the full post or ad and the full spectrum of interaction/ messaging options allowed by that social network.

How To Read Live Tracker Line Items

    • THE LEFT DOT only appears when you have the ability to communicate with that contact with some form of one-to-one communication. Hover over the dot to see a drop-down of those options (i.e. You are Facebook Friends, a post comment you can reply to, an email address, phone number, etc.)
    • THE RIGHT DOT is an indication of the priority status of any lead (contact). The color of the dot changes to reflect the importance (status) of a lead. Hover over the dot to change the lead status from a drop-down. Click through to read more on LEAD STATUS.
  • SC 1
    • This is a shorthand way to quickly show SMART SCORE points.
    • The first blue link is the name of the contact that initiated the engagement. Click on the name to open up that person’s CONTACT PROFILE.
    • The second blue link is the title of the post, ad or message. Click on it to go to a POP-UP showing the full post, ad or message in order to reply back without ever leaving LeadKlozer.
    • This icon only appears on a particular Live Tracker line item when you have the ability to communicate one-to-one with the contact who initiated the engagement from the post, ad or message being represented in the line item.

Live Tracker Demo Video

More Live Tracker Screenshots


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