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Live Tracker is a real-time ENGAGEMENT INBOX with at-a-glance LEAD CONTEXT, enabling the best replies and highest closing percentages to your Facebook page engagements, no matter where they are happening.


What Is Live Tracker?

Live Tracker is a constant, real-time stream of engagements organized for you in chronological order as they happen.

  • Pop open any Live Tracker engagement line item (click the blue linked text) to reveal the full post or ad and respond without ever leaving LeadKlozer. Learn more about pop-ups.

  • Click on any person’s name to open an auto-created Smart Profile and reply, add activities, update information, review the contact’s entire engagement history, and more.

How To Read A Live Tracker Engagement Line Item

There are 15 easily scannable pieces of information that give you important context around each unique line item within Live Tracker…at a glance.


    1. Help Link: Click on the question mark icon to read a brief explanation of Live Tracker and link to more resources.
    2. Contact’s Name: This is a clickable link that takes you to that person’s Smart Profile.
    3. Engagement Description: This describes the type of engagement (i.e. Comments, Reactions, Messages, Ad Forms, etc.).
    4. Engagement Icon: The icon that signifies visually, the type of engagement.
    5. Post/Ad Title: The title of the post or ad is usually the first line of text for that post or ad.
    6. Link To Columns Page: Click to be taken over to the Live Tracker Columns page, where you can create sortable columns that display your customized lists of engagements.
    7. Total Activities: The total number of unique activities from your social accounts that have been imported into LeadKlozer.
    8. One-To-One Communication: This dot only appears when you have the ability to communicate with that contact through some form of one-to-one communication.  Click on the icon to see an info box with all the different ways you have to communicate on-on-one with this particular contact, then click on any of the communication methods with a blue link to respond immediately.
    9. Smart Score Lead Ranking: Smart Score is the automatically calculated ranking of any contact within your account, displayed as a quick reference of their overall importance (priority) to your business.
    10. Contact Status Dot: Easily see the status of the contact by the color of the dot. Click on the dot to change the status of the contact. Changing the contact’s status affects their Smart Scores.
    11. Social Network: This icon changes based on what social network the engagement originated from.
    12. Time Stamp: This is the time, down to the second, that the engagement took place. Time stamps are important as they not only allow you to see when the engagement happened but also enable Smart Searches to create lists of contacts sorted by when the engagements happened (i.e. all contacts that commented on my ads in the last 14 days).
    13. Comment: This text area can change by the type of engagement, but will always show the beginning portion of the actual comment or message. Click the engagement line item open to see the full comment or message.



14. Facebook Page Name: This is the name of the particular Facebook page where the engagement took place, which is extremely important if you have multiple Facebook pages for your business(es)

15. One-On-Communication Line Item: Like the dot on the lower left of the profile image that signifies 1:1 communication capability with the contact, this dot signifies that there is one-on-one communication capability within this particular engagement.

What Can You Do With Live Tracker?

  • REPLY by clicking on any line item to instantly see the full post, ad, or message thread in a pop-up AND respond directly without ever having to leave LeadKlozer.
  • SORT the Live Tracker feed into easily scannable custom columns to keep track of related groups of engagement notifications that are most important to your business at any time.
    • Example: Sort for certain Facebook pages, only messages sent to your inbox, your highest priority leads, only interactions from your ads, all lead forms and so much more.
  • CREATE columns to save the sorted Live Tracker feed options that you need to reference again in the future.
  • SET notifications to get custom alerts based on your segments.
    • Example: Get Facebook notifications when your HOT (red dot) leads interact with you.
  • SEE important contact information for quick decision making at a glance for example:
    • Lead Priorities (Smart Score).
    • Contact Status (hot, warm, new, neutral, cold).
    • Direct Communication Options (one-on-one communication options with that individual contact).

Live Tracker Demo Video

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