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How Can I Update My Password?


Resetting your password is a good thing to do every so often for the security of your account.


Password Recommendations

For your best level of security, we recommend passwords that are:

  • More than 6 characters
  • Contain upper and lowercase letters
  • Contain at least one number
  • Contain at least one special character ($, %, #, !, etc.)
  • Do not contain your name

How To Update Your Password

  • Click on your image in the upper left corner of any page in your LeadKlozer account to go into your profile settings.

  • In the PASSWORD CHANGE section, type in your current password and your new password twice.
    • Your password must be 6+ characters long and have at least one capital and one lowercase letter, plus at least one number.
  • Click the green UPDATE PASSWORD button to save your changes.


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