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Why is LeadKlozer better than just using Facebook on its own?

We are the FIRST & ONLY Facebook lead monitoring tool that automatically ranks INDIVIDUAL LEADS for you, pinpointing your very best sales opportunities…even the ones that you’ve never been able to see before. This happens across all pages, posts, ads, inbox messages, and chatbot conversations.

Facebook simply isn’t a CRM (customer relationship management tool) like LeadKlozer. All you know about anyone is their name. So you can’t track, organize, schedule, rank, search, see instant context, create follow-up lists, reminders, etc.

Facebook is not designed to do that…LeadKlozer is! In fact, 79% of all leads are never closed without a CRM.

Top 5 Ways LeadKlozer Adds To Your Existing Facebook Marketing Efforts

  1. LeadKlozer ranks all your contacts based on total engagements and more, giving you a priority for every lead. See more about Smart Score lead rankings at https://support.leadklozer.com/knowledge-base/smart-score/
  2. LeadKlozer also gives you immediate context about how important leads are that goes beyond lead rankings, which can be seen at a glance as you are interacting with leads and customers. Please see https://support.leadklozer.com/knowledge-base/lead-context/
  3. LeadKlozer helps in 5 different ways to uncover hidden lead opportunities that you would never have been able to see before. Please see https://support.leadklozer.com/knowledge-base/hidden-leads/
  4. There are 6 daily action steps that will help you get more sales immediately that you could never do with Facebook. Please see https://support.leadklozer.com/knowledge-base/six-daily-action-steps-for-immediate-sales-results/


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