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Loading Your Existing Facebook Page Activities


Every new LeadKlozer account starts out with 25,000 past engagements from your attached Facebook page(s) or the last 3 months of activity… whichever comes first.


How Does The One-Time Process Of Loading Past Engagements Work?

When you log into your LeadKlozer account for the first time, you’ll land on the Main Dashboard (shown above) where the initial process of loading past engagements is completed in two automated steps.

After this initial onboarding process is complete, future Facebook page engagements will automatically show up within your LeadKlozer account in realtime.

  • Step 1 – Live Tracker Temporarily Shows Onboarding Status For Each Facebook Page
    • This process will take no more than 2-3 minutes as we grab the raw data from your Facebook page(s) after which Live Tracker will return to its normal state of displaying individual engagement line items (as seen in the image above).

  • Step 2 – Live Tracker Activities Start Loading
    • You will notice during the initial loading process that the Live Tracker activity count (upper-right corner within the image above) is increasing at a rate of 200 engagements per minute… and will continue until all your engagements have been fully loaded into your account.
    • Also, notice the PROGRESS BAR in the upper-left corner of the first image at the top of this page.
      • This progress bar will display at the top of all pages within LeadKlozer until the loading process is completed.
      • Finally, you will get an email notification sent to you once the entire process is complete.
    • The most recent engagements are brought into Live Tracker first, allowing you to start interacting with new leads within seconds while we finish loading older activity in the background.
    • During this step, we are taking the raw data passed to us from Facebook and presenting it to you in all the ways that LeadKlozer has developed, making it super easy to access, understand and start putting into action for your business.
    • As more engagement data is being processed, LeadKlozer is automatically:
      • Tracking engagements from across your Facebook pages by the individual contact (no other tool does this for you)!
      • Creating new Smart Profiles for these individuals.
      • Calculating Smart Score points (lead priority/scoring system)
      • Filling out your new Live Interaction Dashboards.
    • Feel free to close the tab on your account at any time during the initial loading process and come back later, as this step is completely automated and will continue to run in the background.

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