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Getting Started Checklist


How to use LeadKlozer, made simple!


We created the checklist below to make sure that you have all your bases covered when you set up your LeadKlozer account.

  • First, five important action steps to get you started immediately after you sign up.
  • Then ten steps to teach you everything you need to know about LeadKlozer. Feel free to go through this checklist at your own pace.

Five Simple Action Steps Immediately After You Sign Up

  • FIRST: Join our official LeadKlozer Facebook group to ask questions, learn about the app, and stay up-to-date with the latest ways that group members are using LeadKlozer to grow their business. CLICK HERE to join the Facebook group now!
  • SECOND: Watch the short welcome video below. It will be the most important 8:46 you’ve spent on your business in a long time!

  • THIRD: Set your Daily Goals in the top left corner of the main dashboard (see image below).
    • LeadKlozer’s Daily Goals section is an automated way for you to track and review your follow-up performance; segmented into customizable Contact Types (i.e. Leads versus Customers, or Partners).
    • Every time you reach out and interact with a new contact on a given day, LeadKlozer will automatically add another tally towards your Daily Goals.

  • FOURTH: Confirm that the TIME ZONE within your profile settings is correct. This will ensure that our reminder emails for your scheduled appointments along with the timestamps placed on your Smart Schedules and interactions are based on your local time.

  • FIFTH: Make sure you visit https://leadklozer.com/ and click on the “Features & Demos” link in the website’s main navigation to see our top 15 features laid out by priorities, short descriptions, and how-to videos. This is a page that you will want to bookmark for later reference.

Ten Steps To Implement At Your Own Pace

To see a visual overview of all of LeadKlozer’s top features, one-sentence descriptions and video demos, please go to https://leadklozer.com/features/.

STEP 1: Check Out Your TOP 25 Most Engaged Leads

See your Top 25 most engaged leads ranked in order of importance based on all the interactions you’ve ever had with your followers across your Facebook page(s).

This list shows a bird’s-eye view of everything you may want to know about any lead; information that will help you to re-engage them on a more personal level, and thus quickly figure out how best to serve them and turn each into loyal fans and customers!


  • Click on the button named SEL (Super Engager Leads) in the SMART LINKS area of your main dashboard inside LeadKlozer to see a list of all your most important leads, already prioritized by Smart Score.
    • FYI, there’s a lot more than 25 names on the list.
  • Move on to Step 2 for instructions on how to start using this list for your business.

STEP 2: Smart Profiles: Your All-New, Expert Lead Follow-Up Hub

New interactions with your Facebook page or ads automatically create a new Smart Profile inside LeadKlozer.

This is the one central place where you can find out important information about any individual contact for tracking, prioritizing (scoring) & responding to that lead.

You can reply to past engagements, add notes, schedule new follow-up appointments or make any updates to their profile all in one place.


  • Watch this short demo video about Smart Profiles.
  • Pick at least FIVE leads from the SEL list in Step 1 above, open up their individual Smart Profiles, and start interacting with them:
    • Send out a message, make a reply to a Facebook comment, set up a call, engage from within an Activity Feed pop-up, etc.


STEP 3: Instant Replies & Follow-Ups With Live Tracker

Live Tracker is a real-time feed of your Facebook page’s social media engagements, i.e. comments, replies, likes, messages, chatbots or lead forms coming through from your social posts and ads.

Think of Live Tracker as an aggregated inbox for all your social media interactions.

Live Tracker Columns enable you to sort your live feed, focusing on only a certain segment of relevant interactions. This is the easiest way to keep track of the specific live engagements that are most important to your business at any given time.


  • Watch the Live Tracker demo video
  • Pop open three Live Tracker line items to engage with your leads
  • Build one custom Live Tracker Column

STEP 4: Smart Schedules & The LeadKlozer Advantage

“The fortune is in the follow-up.” – Author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn

Scheduling follow-ups is simply one of the most important sales habits of any highly successful company. Why?

  • 80% of sales require 5 follow-ups
  • 44% of sales reps give up after 1 follow-up

Inside LeadKlozer, follow-up and management of the task all happen as one convenient step (i.e. Smart Schedules).

Since you can interact with your leads without ever having to leave LeadKlozer, we will automatically pop-up any schedule(s) related to that lead right after the interaction takes place, giving you the opportunity to update or complete the schedule for any task immediately. This will keep your schedules organized and up-to-date in one fell swoop!


  • Watch the demo video on Smart Schedules
  • Schedule 5 important follow-up activities

STEP 5: Stay Focused And Highly Organized With Smart Tags, Stages & Products

No two leads are the same!

In fact, there are countless differences you can track and use to organize, search and produce lists of very specific leads for review and follow up.

This is why we created a fully customizable system with the ability to classify any contact inside LeadKlozer through:

  1. Smart Tags – Filter contacts based on any unique identifiers you can think of.
  2. Stages – Segment contacts by your custom lead nurturing and closing stages.
  3. Products – Keep track of who has bought what from you and when.

The above filters can be used in combination with each other to produce 100% custom lead lists that will keep you focused on your highest priority contacts (Leads, Customers, Partners, etc.) in the shortest amount of time possible!


  • Click on the links to see examples and get ideas for your own Smart Tags, Stages and Products
    • Create 5 custom Smart Tags, Stages and Products inside your account to use in the future with any of your contacts.
    • Don’t worry if you think of more later, you can always edit or add them at any time in the future.

STEP 6: Smart Score: Automated Lead Prioritization

Your best leads are your most recently engaged leads who are frequently taking the initiative to interact with you and your brand.

Knowing that, we created Smart Score which is a lead ranking system for your contacts based on LeadKlozer’s internal algorithm. It tracks both your social and other manually entered engagements such as phone calls, in-person meetings, etc… and uses that information to automatically prioritize any list within LeadKlozer from highest to lowest, based on their Smart Scores.


  • Watch the demo video on making the most of Smart Score and see how the numbers automatically change based on your interactions. Pick any contact and take the following actions:

All of these activities will impact the contact’s Smart Score and effectively demonstrate the power of an automated lead prioritization system in action for your business. This helps you tremendously in terms of understanding the level of importance of each contact as you scan the Live Tracker or look at any leads list created with Smart Search (see the next step).

Smart Score = 54

STEP 7: Smart Search – A Powerful Search Engine For Your Contact Database.

Smart Search does all the heavy lifting in terms of pinpointing your most important leads at any point in time.

It’s your own robust yet simple to use SEARCH ENGINE allowing you to segment all your contacts into prioritized lists based on the search criteria that are most important to your business.

Search for high priority leads or customers based on Contact Status (hot, warm, etc.), closing stages accomplished, products purchased, tags, types of interaction with you and your Facebook page(s), sorted by time, and so much more.

It’s like having a Google search engine for your entire contact database.

Smart Search lists offer an easily scannable bird’s-eye view of the level of importance of any lead for high-quality decision making at a glance. It’s the quickest way to find your highest priority leads that you need to follow up with most urgently!


STEP 8: Explore Your All-In-One Facebook Inbox

Are you tired of bouncing around from one Facebook page’s inbox to the next?

Do you wish you knew a lot more about the names appearing in your list of new messages at a glance?

What if every message sent and received automatically helped rank and prioritize that particular lead for you, in relation to all the other contacts in your database?


  • Learn more about how LeadKlozer streamlines your inboxes, offers greater context, and helps you to make follow-up decisions within seconds by CLICKING HERE.

STEP 9: Smart Scripts For Fast-Paced Lead Follow-Up Success

Smart Scripts are templates for replies, introductions, explanations, emails, texts, social messages or anything else in written form that can help you respond faster with higher quality messages during the lead closing process.

Make sure that you have scripts created in advance for your most important lead nurturing activities and keep all the best ones easily accessible right inside LeadKlozer, organized according to the custom Closing Stages you create for your business.


  • Watch the short demo video on using Smart Scripts
  • Write one script for each of your three chosen Contact Types to get you started.

STEP 10: Adding Your Own Contacts Into LeadKlozer

If you use Facebook Pages and Ads, we’ve automatically added lots of contacts into LeadKlozer for you based on all the people that have been interacting with your Facebook page. 

Add Your Customers Or Any Other Leads List From A Spreadsheet: See how easy it is to import your personal contacts such as email lists, customer lists, event attendees and so on.

Add Any Individual Contact: If there are any individual contacts that you still want to add to LeadKlozer, you can do so by clicking on the ADD button at the top of any page and then select NEW CONTACT from the dropdown.


  • Watch the short demo videos on adding contacts from a SPREADSHEET or ONE AT A TIME.
  • For now, start by adding in at least one new contact manually to get a certain VIP of your business into LeadKlozer.

Adding Contacts One At A Time

Still have questions?

If you need further assistance, please click “CONTACT US” from the main navigation of this site or send us a message on Facebook.

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