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Getting Started Checklist

We’ve created a simple checklist to make sure that you have all your bases covered when you first set up your LeadKlozer account. Please refer to the steps below as you get started.

Step-By-Step FAST-START Instructions

Complete the setup steps below at your own pace. You can also learn more by using the search box above to find tutorials on every LeadKlozer feature.

Immediate Action Steps:

  • Make sure you have joined the official LeadKlozer Facebook group. We are a community of entrepreneurs, digital agencies, social media managers, consultants and marketing partners.


  • We also highly recommend watching the short LeadKlozer welcome video below if you have not already done so.

CLICK HERE to see the full LeadKlozer demo video.

STEP 1: Add Your Contacts Into LeadKlozer:

  • Set Your Contact Types: Without Contact Types, all contacts are created equal. But we know that there are major differences between contacts that are LEADS versus CUSTOMERS or even PARTNERS within your business. Learn more about Contact Types and how to customize them by CLICKING HERE.
  • Set Your Time Zone: LeadKlozer has the ability to time-stamp interactions that you make and tags that you add, as well as sending you reminder emails for all your Scheduled Follow-ups early on the mornings that they are due. Setting your time zone ensures that all these activities are timed correctly. Please CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page if you haven’t set your time zone yet.
  • If You Use Facebook Pages and Ads, we’ve already automatically added those contacts into LeadKlozer for you. You can see your most recent Facebook page(s) lead interactions in the Live Tracker section of your dashboard. Your top leads list (based on Facebook engagements) is also already set up for you in the Today’s Connections section of the LeadKlozer app.
  • Adding Contacts
    • Add Your Facebook Friends: If Facebook friends are part of your lead follow-up strategy, then we’ve made it super easy to import them all into LeadKlozer. CLICK HERE for a quick tutorial video on how to import your Facebook friends.
    • Add Your Customers Or Any Other Leads List From A Spreadsheet: CLICK HERE to see how easy it is to import your personal contacts such as email lists, customer lists, event attendees and so on.
    • Add Any Individual Contacts: If there are any contacts that you still want to add to LeadKlozer, you can do so from the sidebar by clicking on the ADD button at the top of any page and then select NEW CONTACT from the dropdown. We have a SHORT TUTORIAL for that as well.

STEP 2: Personalize Your Account:

  • Tag, You’re It: Create at least five Tags, Stages and Products you will use with your contacts. These are easy ways to stay super organized, plus it helps LeadKlozer intelligently recommend to you customized lists of leads through Smart Search.
  • Pinpoint “HOT” Leads: Pick out your 10 most promising leads and Update Their Status to HOT or WARM. This is another important way to organize, prioritize and empower better Smart Searches. Plus, it’s super easy!
  • Your TOP 25 MOST ENGAGED Leads: Take a look at Today’s Connections to get a bird’s eye view of your most important leads. Your available contacts are sorted using Smart Scores, with the most important leads being placed at the top of the list! Want to see your TOP 25 Most Engaged Leads or more at a glance? This is the place to always find them.
  • Watch your most important engagements in real-time: Create your first custom column in Live Tracker so you never miss the engagements that make the most sense based on your business. Will it be a column for all your HOT or WARM leads? Comments and replies for your Facebook ads? Separate engagements for your most important Facebook page? The choices are unlimited!
  • Goal Buckets: Watch a short video on personalizing the Goals section of your main dashboard, then adjust your Goals according to how quickly you want to achieve success.

STEP 3: Get to Work With LeadKlozer:

  • One Site for All Your Social Media Activity:  We have leveraged the power of pop-ups to make LeadKlozer fast, streamlined and extremely supportive of your online lead engagements no matter where they are happening! Watch this video on Interacting On Your Social Accounts From Inside LeadKlozer to learn how to update and manage all of your social media activity without ever needing to leave LeadKlozer…no matter where it’s happening.
  • Set Up Your Smart Schedule: Setting regular follow-up appointments is a top habit of all highly successful salespeople. We recommend that you Schedule a Follow-Up with at least 5 of your hot leads and then make it a regular activity in your marketing efforts. When you make use of the Smart Scheduling feature we have in LeadKlozer, you’ll never have to worry about spending so much of your precious time managing scheduled activity again!
  • Smarter Follow-Up: Smart Search is a powerful and proprietary LeadKlozer search engine for your entire contact database. It lets you create and bookmark customized lead lists and helps you find the people that need your attention most urgently within a few seconds!
  • Add Your Best Scripts: Watch this video tutorial and learn how to organize your follow-up Scripts in LeadKlozer; to keep all your frequently used replies and answers to popular questions organized and easily accessible at your fingertips.
  • Invite Users: We know that many businesses have teams running their day-to-day activities so we’ve made it super easy for you to give access to your team members on LeadKlozer as well. CLICK HERE to see how to invite new users and get some support with your lead management and follow-ups.

Still have questions?

If you need further assistance, please click “CONTACT US” in the main navigation of this site or send us a message on Facebook.

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